Welcome to Nutmeg FertilityCare: an Affiliate of FertilityCare Centers of America

Once upon a time women’s fertility was a mysterious and wonderous thing, a source of joy and, occasionally, confusion.  When in a woman’s cycle would pregnancy occur?  How could couples choose to achieve or to avoid pregnancy?  And how could women understand and work with their own individual fertility cycles?  For many years, doctors and scientists puzzled over this amazing gift: fertility.  Women cherished it, and men respected it.  Everyone was, in fact, just a little bit in awe of it–imagine, the ability to bear children!

And then, in the 1960s, along came the sexual revolution, the birth control pill and, soon after, other chemical means of altering a woman’s natural fertility.  Couples didn’t necessarily understand their fertility any more than they did before, but suddenly they could artificially change it.  It all seemed so easy.  But in no time, couples also discovered that these artificial methods had major drawbacks: they took something that was healthy and normal–a woman’s fertility–and altered it so that it was actually abnormal.  The artificial chemicals caused minor and major side effects, changes in a woman’s sexual desire and, in some cases, permanently damaged fertility.  When more and more couples experienced infertility, artificial methods of achieving pregnancy–the various forms of IVF–were presented as the only alternative.  Over the years, women’s fertility has been manipulated, tampered with and, too often, destroyed.

Happily, the Creighton Model of FertilityCare offers a real alternative, a safe, healthy and sensible way to understand fertility and to honor it, to plan or to avoid pregnancy, and to monitor gynecological health over the course of the reproductive years.  This well-researched, natural, reliable and revolutionary method is easy to learn and easy to interpret;  the professionals of Nutmeg FertilityCare are ready to  help you learn how to use this method to monitor and work with your fertility in ways that respect your body, your marriage, and your soul.  To learn more about the Creighton Model, visit www.creightonmodel.com

Nutmeg FertilityCare also features NaPro Technology, a natural reproductive medical science that works with the Creighton Model to address a variety of women’s health issues such as PMS,  infertility, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, post partum depression, recurrent miscarriage and many other gynecological concerns, without artificial chemicals or IVF.  To learn more about NaPro Technology, visit  www.naprotechnology.com

Fertility and confusion about fertility has been around for a long time; our blog is just getting started.  Keep checking in with us for information about fertility, stories of professionals who have witnessed the destruction of fertility over the years, the effects of artificial contraception, and the stories of women whose lives have been enhanced by the use of this natural method of understanding and honoring a woman’s fertility.

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