Can I use the Creighton Model while breastfeeding?

Absolutely! Many women who are breastfeeding don’t want to take artificial contraception while providing milk for their babies, others find that the signs of their fertility are confusing and they are no longer to able to make sense of other natural systems of family planning.

The Creighton Model System is easy to learn for women who are pregnant and hoping to use the CrMS after delivery, for women who are breastfeeding but have not yet resumed their periods, as well as for women who are back in cycles even if their cycles seem to be irregular or unpredictable.

Breastfeeding women are seen every six weeks by their practitioner so that they can confidently navigate the changes that come with nursing an infant and eventual weaning whether it occurs a few months after delivery or a few years. Nursing mothers may use the Creighton Model to achieve another pregnancy, avoid a pregnancy, or simply space her pregnancies out.

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