We Are Suffering From Infertility, What Should I Expect?

The Creighton Model of FertilityCare is a safe, natural and effective alternative to artificial reproductive technologies for those couples who struggle with infertility.  If you and your spouse have been trying to achieve pregnancy without success for one year or more, or if you have not been successful with IVF or other treatments, please know that there is still hope.

Initially, a quick phone call or email to Nutmeg FertilityCare is in order so we can get a better sense of your situation. Then you will be scheduled for an Introductory Session (IS), a slide presentation about an hour in length, with a practitioner in your area. These sessions can done in a group setting or privately.   No personal information is discussed at the Introductory Session; it provides a general overview of the Creighton Model System and how to get started in its use. If possible, it’s best if both spouses attend an Introductory Session. At the end of the IS, you will be asked to complete an anonymous evaluation and, if you decide that you would like to learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, you will purchase your initial Fertility Kit and start charting the very next day!

Your first follow-up with your practitioner takes place after your first two weeks of charting.  At that time, your practitioner will obtain your health history and your husband’s health history and continue to teach you aspects of the charting system that are pertinent to your situation.  As your charting progresses, your practitioner will evaluate your chart for the presence of biomarkers that reveal valuable information regarding your gynecological health.

You will see your practitioner every two weeks for the first four follow ups, then as you grow in confidence and your knowledge of your fertility the follow ups will begin to spread out. There are eight regularly scheduled follow ups in the first year of use (these may be more frequent based on client need).

Because you are struggling with infertility, your practitioner will refer you to one of our NaPro Technology physicians for evaluation and treatment, usually after two cycles of charting. Your charts will give the physician valuable information about possible causes for, and the best treatment of, your infertility issues.  You will continue to work with your practitioner while simultaneously working with the physician; our practitioners and doctors work together to help you understand your fertility and to help you navigate any treatment that may be necessary.

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