Can the Creighton Model help my teenage daughter?

Absolutely! Too often the only treatment option offered to teens for irregular periods, cramps, PMS or ovarian cysts is the birth control pill. The pill has many side effects and can only potentially relieve the symptoms without discovering or treating the reason for the problem. The signs of fertility and infertility that are observed in the Creighton Model provide useful information for the teen client. Charting will allow her to predict the onset of each menstrual period within a range of a few days! Knowing when to expect her period can give a teen considerable peace of mind, especially when planning school or sport activities or social outings.  In addition the charting allows the FertilityCare Practitioner to assess the biomarkers for signs that your daughter may need a referral to a NaPro Technology physician. Very often, a heightened awareness and understanding of menstrual cycles along with some common sense instruction regarding sleep, nutrition, and hygiene can improve how a girl perceives her periods. For those with dysmenorrhea (painful periods) NaPro treatment is very effective.
The Creighton Model is very easy for teens to use; it requires nothing more than a girl observing for certain biomarkers whenever she is normally using the bathroom. Teens of all ages can successfully use the Creighton Model System to understand their own cycles.
For teenagers who are not genitally active only the parts of the system pertinent to understanding their bodies and charting their cycles are taught. (The full system including the family planning aspects is taught to those clients who are genitally active.) We always strive to encourage and promote chastity among our teen clients, and many women, young or mature, discover that charting in the Creighton Model teaches them to appreciate the incredible gift that is their womanhood. Mothers are always welcome and encouraged to attend follow-up sessions with their daughters.

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