Timeline for Treatment

When a woman has a chronic complaint, like PMS or infertility, two cycles (or two months) of charting are typically necessary for referral to a NaPro Technology trained physician. Then there is usually one cycle of diagnostic testing which is done at various points in a woman’s cycle based on the signs of fertility and infertility that she is charting. After this diagnostic cycle, a woman can expect to meet with her NaPro physician again and begin treatment. Couples with infertility can therefore expect to complete three or four cycles of charting before treatment begins.  (A woman or couple with medical issues requiring urgent attention will be referred to a NaPro physician immediately.)

NaPro Technology is designed to discover and treat the cause of chronic gynecological or obstetrical problems rather than simply covering up or bypassing the underlying cause.  For more information visit www.naprotechnology.com.


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2 Responses to Timeline for Treatment

  1. lolek says:

    Hi Cortney!
    Great blog!
    Someone asked me if Creighton can treat or work with ovarian cysts. How is that handled? Do you need to refer them to a NaPro physician or can you work with them?

    • Hi Linda,

      Excellent question! The Creighton Model System actually can help women with ovarian cysts, those women are referred to a NaPro physician. Medical management is very helpful in these cases. By charting with the Creighton Model System, a woman’s cycles can easily be evaluated for biomarkers consistent with ovarian cysts. The excellent thing about the Creighton Model System is that even women with ovarian cysts can navigate their fertility with ease. In this way, while simultaneously evaluating their reproductive health, women can use the system as a means of family planning if they choose to do so.

      -Rachele A. Kuzma, RN, FCPI

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