Feminine Hygeine Products

We women typically learn about feminine hygeine products long before we can drive a car. As Fertility Care Practitioners, we see many women clients who, nevertheless, are not well informed regarding all of the products on the market. So let’s consider some of your questions:

“How often should they be changed?” Ideally, ever 4-6 hours–however it is safe to leave them in up to eight hours.

“Can I put in a super plus tampon for all-day or all-night coverage?” No. Using the lowest possible absorbancy decreases the risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome, a very serious blood infection. If you are having a moderate flow day, use a regular absorbany tampon. Tampons should never be left in over night!

“When I insert tampons it feels like tampon is going toward my back; is there something wrong with the placement of my vagina?” No, in fact it’s normal to aim the tampon toward the small of your back for easier insertion. Anatomically, your uterus is situated behind your bladder. Your vagina, the passageway that leads to your uterus is angled up toward the small of your back.

“I always use deodorized (scented) tampons but my practitioner told me not to. Why?” The chemicals used as deodorizers or perfumes in tampons, toilet paper and bath products can cause irritation of the delicate vaginal tissues. In response to this irritation, the vaginal glands produce mucus to “wash away” the irritants. Women who are sensitive to these perfumes and deodorizers may find themselves having abnormal discharges and, in some cases, daily mucus.

“I wear a pantyliner every day. I like to feel fresh. That’s okay, right?” It’s best to wear all cotton underwear and save the pantyliners for days when you have a heavy flow of cervical mucus or the light days of your period. But if you like to wear a pantyliner every day, be sure to change it several times throughout the day. Also, consider using cloth pads rather than pantyliners to lower the risk of irritation and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Do you have any other questions about feminine products? Please let us know!

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