About Nutmeg FertilityCare

Welcome to our website!  We are a group of nurses, FertilityCare Practitioners located throughout  Connecticut, who provide instruction in the Creighton Model of FertilityCare for women and couples who desire a natural and effective method of achieving pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, or monitoring and improving gynecological health.  Our Creighton Model practitioners continue to stay involved with women and couples as they strive to achieve their goals.  The Creighton Model, which is based on the charting of various biomarkers, can be used by women throughout their reproductive lives.

The Creighton Model of FertilityCare offers a safe, healthy and sensible way to understand fertility and to honor it, to plan or to avoid pregnancy, and to monitor gynecological health over the course of the reproductive years.  This well-researched, natural, reliable and revolutionary method is easy to learn and easy to interpret;  the professionals of Nutmeg FertilityCare are ready to  help you learn how to use this method to monitor and work with your fertility in ways that respect your body, your marriage, and your soul.  To learn more about the Creighton Model, visit www.creightonmodel.com

Nutmeg FertilityCare also features NaPro Technology, a natural reproductive medical science that works with the Creighton Model to address a variety of women’s health issues such as PMS,  infertility, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, post partum depression, recurrent miscarriage and many other gynecological concerns, without artificial chemicals or IVF.  To learn more about NaPro Technology, visit  www.naprotechnology.com

Please visit the various pages of our site to learn more about who we are and how we can help you.  Our practitioners see clients at various locations in Norwalk, Redding, Shelton, and Goshen, CT.  We can also work with clients “long distance,” including clients who live in other states or overseas.   To find out more about the Creighton Model or to schedule an introductory session, email us at nutmegfertilitycaresvcs@gmail.com and one of our practitioners will respond.  Our practitioners are also available to give group introductory sessions and to speak at schools, churches or meetings.

After an introductory session, if the system seems right for you, a “fertility kit” consisting of a book and charting supplies will enable you to begin using the system right away.  A series of individual follow-ups will assist you to learn the system quickly and effectively according to your desire to achieve or avoid pregnancy.  Normally there are eight follow-up sessions over the course of one year.  If you have gynecological or infertility issues, our center is associated with NaPro Technology physicians who will review your charting, see you in consultation, and offer natural, individualized, effective, and well researched treatment.  

Using the Creighton Model to avoid pregnancy is inexpensive (less expensive than buying monthly birth control pills—and just as effective!); using the Creighton Model to achieve pregnancy is as or more effective than IVF, at considerably less cost.  

 It is every woman’s right to learn about and care for her fertility!


One Response to About Nutmeg FertilityCare

  1. Rita says:

    Hi I am looking for some assistance with starting Nfp, I am currently 6 months post partum and in the Fairfield county area.

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