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  1. Hi Cortney, Dora and Rachele,
    Someone was asking me about the Pill for endometriosis. The woman is taking the Pill, and is Catholic. Can you write a brief column about how CrM treats that, and also the health concerns and Catholic concerns with taking the Pill.
    Thanks for all you do!
    This is how I responded to her:
    Being on artificial hormones, for any reason, is dangerous and damaging. There is a medical version of NFP called the Creighton Model that is for anyone, but more specifically helpful for fertility problems. This website is a good place to start:
    You can ask them any questions you have, and they will answer right away. They are nurse practitioners and certified Creighton Model practitioners.
    I also know, from a friend whose spiritual director advised her, a married couple must still practice NFP or some kind of periodic abstinence even if on the pill or have other medical reasons for birth control, or a repented sterilization.

    • Hi Linda, Thank you for your inquiry! We will be posting our comments about endometriosis, what it is and how it’s best treated, very soon. That’s a very important topic—and a condition that many women might suffer from, even teenagers! Your friend’s spiritual director’s advice was for a couple to practice NFP even if the woman was on the pill for medical reasons or even if the woman (or the man) was sterilized. While I’m not a theologian, I will offer the thought that the idea behind that advice is that in marriage, under all circumstances, both the unitive and procreative aspects of the relationship should be honored—if the couple are avoiding pregnancy, then they should deeply consider not being genitally active during times of fertility, as if the woman was not on the pill or one of the couple was not sterilized. That abstinence recognizes that the purpose of intercourse is to conceive a new human being (too often today we act as if intercourse and conception are not connected!); the other purpose of the marital embrace is to demonstrate the couple’s total love and total self giving to one another. These purposes are fully honored when a woman is aware of her fertile times and her infertile times and, if avoiding pregnancy, remains chaste during those times. This doesn’t mean a couple should avoid each other however—in the Creighton Model we spend time talking about SPICE, the spiritual, physicial, intellectual, creative and emotional ways couples can interact when they are not being genitally active. It’s amazing how periods of chosen abstinence can strengthen a marriage and increase a couple’s respect for one another, body and soul. I’m sure my explanation is lacking a great deal—I’d encourage couples who have questions about the use of NFP under different circumstances to consult their priest or minister.

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