Dora M. Csehak, LPN, FCP

In addition to her work with Creighton Model FertilityCare clients, Dora Csehak, L.P.N., serves special needs clients in a group home.  Her nursing experience includes geriatrics and rehab and, most recently, women’s health, particularly in the areas of lactation and natural childbirth.  A former La Leche League leader, Dora is the mother of seven children.  Her second delivery was a planned homebirth, leading Dora and her husband to campaign for subsequent hospital births to be more “homelike.”  It was this desire to serve women in a more natural way that initially drew Dora to the Creighton Model. 

 Before enrolling in the FertilityCare Practitioner program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua, N.H., Dora had encountered many couples who’d struggled for years trying to achieve a pregnancy, suffering both the emotional pain and the financial burden.  “So many of these couples finally gave up,” she said.  “Happily, some of these couples went on to adopt, but many were overwhelmed and simply stopped trying.  Now, with the Creighton Model, I can offer couples natural and successful strategies for achieving pregnancy.  For infertile couples, the pregnancy rate with NaPro Technology can be up to 70%, and at a fraction of the cost of IVF.  This method is completely safe and natural—and it works!”

Dora sees clients in and around Goshen, CT.


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  1. Deacon Steve Genovese says:

    We need to purchase a chart and some stamps. Can you help us with this? Peace Dn. Steve

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