My husband and I charted with a different NFP method for 5 years. When trying to achieve our third child, after 12 months, I took my charts to an OBGYN to get help. The doctor was confused by the charts and less then helpful. We decided to find something new.

Through a few very helpful phone calls and God’s intervention we were led to the Creighton model. We were seen by an amazing doctor and guided by a very knowledgeable FertilityCare Practitioner and after only two months on our treatment plan we conceived our third child.



My husband and I were married in 2004. We were older when we married (36 and 35 respectively) and hoped to start a family soon. It took almost two years for us to conceive, but in 2006 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. One month after my son’s first birthday, just as I began to get my periods back, I discovered I was pregnant again. We were thrilled. Unfortunately, about two weeks later I miscarried. We were upset and disappointed. Little did we know that was to be the beginning of a four and a half year struggle with infertility.

My ob-gyn had few answers as to why I wasn’t getting pregnant. “Perhaps you’re just one of those people who take a long time to conceive,” she said. She referred me to a well known local fertility clinic. Reluctantly, I went to several appointments. As devout Catholics, we were not willing to try treatments such as in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

The doctors did not seem to be interested in finding out what was wrong. When I asked whether I should try Clomid, the doctor said she would give it to me if I wanted it, but because it seemed clear that I was ovulating, they had ruled out PCOS [Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome] and didn’t think Clomid would help. My condition was labeled “unexplained infertility.” The doctors prescribed hormones, but because I did not have a diagnosis, I was reluctant to try the treatments. I returned all the drugs but I didn’t stop wishing that I could have another child. Meanwhile we investigated adoption but did not finalize any plans.

I will never forget that it was on Divine Mercy Sunday 2010 that one of the nurses from what was to become Nutmeg Fertility Care responded to my e-mail. Because of the timing, I decided that perhaps this was something God wanted me to investigate. I began meeting with a FertilityCare Practitioner who taught me to chart my cycles using the Creighton Method. Shortly thereafter I had my first appointment at the Gianna Center, the medical consultants who collaborate with Nutmeg FertilityCare. After reviewing my charts and sending me for a series of blood tests, I was to meet again for a diagnosis. In August 2010, I sat in the doctor’s office not knowing what to expect. I thought this doctor might not be able to make a diagnosis either so I was relieved when Dr. Mielnik [now Dr. Anne Nolte] announced that the blood work and charting showed that I had luteal phase defect type two [which means that although the post-ovulatory phase of the cycle is normal in length, the hormone progesterone produced during that phase of the cycle is very low, contributing to infertility and difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term].

I began taking vitamin B-6, low dose naltrexone and giving myself HCG shots [HCG can be used in luteal phase defects to increase post-peak estrogen and progesterone levels] once a month so that the fertilized ovum would have enough time to implant in my uterus.

At first I was happy to have a diagnosis and hopeful that the treatment would work. However, as month after month dragged by and I kept getting my period I began to lose hope. I also began to think that I was too old or that God’s answer was just going to be “No” to having more children.

In June 2011, I went to my second appointment at the Gianna Center. Dr. Mielnik encouraged me to try to conceive a little longer, saying that she had never seen hormone levels that good in someone my age.

One year from my first appointment at the Gianna Center I conceived. My husband and I are now thrilled to be awaiting the birth of our second child in March 2012. I thank God every day for this new little life. I am also happy that this baby was conceived naturally, without the use of expensive invasive or impersonal techniques.



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  1. Mary Nagy RN says:

    Thank you and God’s Divine Mercy for this beautiful testimony!

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